About us

The "LAN" was created to answer two objectives:

  • Answer the immediate needs of the manufacturers, the access providers and the operators of service on the respect for standards, the coexistence, the interoperability and the quality of service.
  • Establish a technological platform of experiment and modelling of the digital convergence by developing programs of applied research.

Digital Applications Laboratory

A competence center.

The Digital Applications Laboratory concentrates in a unique place a conjugation of resources and talents for the test of the most succeeded digital applications. Our services are customised to answer perfectly your needs of tests, engineering or training. Our services are realized by specialists of the wired technologies of access (DSL, GPON) and of digital communication in home ( PLC).

The LAN concentrates more than 1000 m² of laboratories equipped with autonomous platforms, each cabled with Ethernet, fiber,  telephone and coaxial cables, allowing to interconnect, on the same workstation, all the equipments reproducing a chain of digital communication of the network of access to the broadcasting in home, since the network equipments (videos servers, phone switches, etc.) up to terminals spread(displayed,deployed) in houses (television sets, telephones, PCs, cameras, etc.) by way of multiplexers DSL ( DSLAM) or GPON ( OLT), modems triple play, cases CPL and decoders for the digital television.

Equipped with hundreds of modems CPE and tens of DSLAMs (Alcatel, ECI, Lucent, Huawei, Marconi, Nokia-Siemens, etc.), the laboratory of test xDSL has about ten platforms of ADSL tests, ADSL2 +, G.SHDSL, G.SHDSL.BIS, VDSL2, GPON, completely automated who allow to test the interoperability of modems and DSLAMs following the exact recommendations of the operators of networks DSL.

The LAN also has three benches of tests CPL (fed with three-phase) allowing to reproduce of electricity networks in star or with cascaded grips. They allow, for a set of representative situations, to make tests of compatibility of various modems CPL with the standard HomePlug® AVENUE, benchmarks of robustness (throughput, latency, to jitter), tests of interoperability, and application tests (flow dated / audio / video).


Our LAB is a private and independant Lab. However we have a partnership contracts with several Universities. As such, we are hiring PHD students on some specific research subjects linked with our activities.

Furthermore, Our lab is organizing and hosting collaborative seminars on research and development matters.