Product testing

After product conception, Validation !

Testing throughout the development cycle helps ensure quality is maintained. Test procedures for Product quality are variable, and will vary in cost depending on three main variables:
- The nature of the object to test,
- The level of complexity in the structure of the object
- The types of characteristics and properties that need to be tested, such as functionality, robustness, weaknesses, etc...


Drive initiative ! Validate each stage

The right balance for quality testing depends upon the complexity and critical characteristics of the product under test.
Depending on the development stage, and the stage’s impact on the global project, it is imperative that the various test phases are an integral part of the development cycle.
For example, in regression tests the LAN teams will set about establishing the errors or anomalies that occur in the non modified parts of your product or software as a direct result of changes in the current stage. Changes such as corrections, revisions in the product, as well as environmental changes.