Compatibility, is this sufficient ?

Often Industrial manufacturers’ give importance to “compatibility”, ensuring their products meet certain criteria on paper, and then testing them on restricted test beds. Compatibility does not guarantee Interoperability.
(Compatibility is one dimensional and Interoperability is three dimensional.)
Compatibility seeks that a product can work in a specified environment.
Interoperability goes much further.
The concept is that different types of equipment from various brand names can communicate with each other.

Quantify, Qualify, Certify

The LAN proposes to quantify, qualify, and certify the interoperability of your products and solutions. Our laboratory has the necessary tools, test benches and network facilities susceptible to challenge the potential interoperability of your systems.

Interoperability the key for success !

Those that master product Interoperability control their destiny. Just as the industrial revolution transformed society, in today's scientific universe Interoperability is the radical phenomenon in expanding technology, as crucial as the invention of the wheel in the Neolithic age. The power of communication will be shared with our machines and appliances of tomorrow.

Interoperability is imperative

The LAN proposes services to calibrate, regulate, and debug DSL chips. We offer standard tests at fixed rates, or tests carried out continuously throughout the day for qualification or the non regression tests of CPE modems, or DSLAM’s based upon a specific network operator.
For example, DSL modems and DSL multiplexors (DSLAM) are tested against all the different versions of hardware and software deployed by all the various telephone operators, in a way to ensure the interoperability on the network.