It functions It conforms !

In addition to functionally validating your product, the teams at LAN will test for communication protocol conformity with the associated technical standard.
This test and validation will ensure that your product can communicate with others using the same protocol.
Because of the complexity of communication protocols today, conformity is generally insufficient to guarantee perfect interoperability with different solutions. Nonetheless, it is the first stage which if performed with precision, will significantly enhance interoperability.
In the long run, this will allow your product(s) to address a mass market based on the fact that many other products are based on the same language/protocols and standards.
These language/protocols correspond to the current requirements of carriers, service companies and end users.


Adopt the « Pro » methodology

By testing your product with respect a standard; it gives you security and a guarantee. It is an insurance policy that your product meets the precise criteria detailed in the standard.
Your clients will understand the reference in terms of reliability, security, energy economies, compatibility and interoperability.


Being able to put an International Standard logo(s) on your product gives credibility and reassurance for the end-user.