HomePlug certification

Add real credibility to your PLC network equipment

It is indispensable to obtain PLC HomePlug® certification for your products in today’s markets; this guarantees their conformity and high level of interoperability with other products on the market.


LAN is the reference laboratory for HomePlug® certification.
The HomePlug® logo on your products will promote your brand-name, and customers will associate quality with this reference.


 HomePlug® Alliance 

The membership companies in the alliance have a contractual undertaking to contribute to the accolade of HomePlug® by developing products of high quality which only benefit from the prestigious Logo once they have been tested and certified.

The key to success

The HomePlug® alliance with the LAN laboratory provides product certification based on its technology and standards(HomePlug® AV, HomePlug® AV2, HomePlug® GreenPHY).
All products based on this technology can be certified, whether it be a multi-media device like an IP camera for example, or a network device such as a hub, switch or bridge.

The certification will imply that the equipment will function seamlessly together.
A prerequisite for HomePlug® certification is to be a HomePlug® member.
Contact us for additional information on how to become part of this select membership.



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